How to remotely Lock or Reset your stolen Android device.

Remotely Lock or Reset your lost or stolen Android device with Android Device Manager.

              Google announced a new locator feature for Android devices called Android Device Manager. This app helps owners to find their lost, missing or stolen phones or tablets. This feature is very much similar to other locator apps like Lookout or Samsung's 'Find My Mobile'.

Remotely Lock or Reset your lost or stolen Android device with Android Device Manager.
Enable Android Device Manager
  On your Android device, go to Google Settings app and then tap on Android Device Manager. The locator feature on your device is already enabled by default, but in order to enable remote data wipe, tap on the "Allow remote factory reset" check box and then tap "Activate". 

Android Device Manager
              To use Android Device Manager, go to and log in with your Google account. You will get a message box asking you for permission to allow Android Device Manager to use your device location data. Tap on the "Accept" button to continue.

Remotely Lock or Reset your lost or stolen Android device with Android Device Manager.You can see the following options on your screen:

>Location: This shows the location of your Android device on the map, along with the place name, last used and last located details.

>Ring: If you lost your phone from your home or from a park ore something you can choose the ring option to ring your device from Android Device Manager. This will result your phone to ring for a couple of minutes at its highest volume. This feature will work even if it's set on silent or vibrate mode.

>Lock: Android Device Manager allows users to lock their android device remotely so that no one can access your data while you're trying to recover your lost or stolen device. To lock your device, click on the "Lock" option and enter your new password twice, then click the Lock button. Once the lock message is sent to your Android device, it will lock itself immediately.

>Erase Device: If you are sure that your device is stolen by somebody and you have important data that must not go into wrong hands you can remotely factory reset your phone and protect your personal data. Choose "Erase" to erase all your apps, photos, music, and settings from your device. If your device is offline when you send the "Erase" message, it will perform the reset immediately when it comes online.

Note: Once your device has been in factory reset mode, you will no longer be able to access you phone from the Android Device Manager. So the best way that I recommend is to lock your device with new password.


Sony Xperia - Features of upcoming flagship smartphones from Sony

Features of upcoming flagship smartphones from Sony black xperia with camera Now Xperia Z is the flagship giant of Sony in their smartphone series. Xperia smartphones find a way attractive into the markets due to the extra ordinary demand of stunning features provided by Sony in Xperia Z. Water and dust proof is one those feature. Even when the model is still a star the company plans to release newer models with more amazing and stunning features that we have never seen before.
Earlier spread the rumor about the release of the Sony Honami though social media sites and gained much popularity but the fact is, the name “Honami” is a code name that the company has given to it. It might be the next flagship model from Sony and may come with a different model name.

Genuinely Manufactured

According to the information’s at XperiaBlog and BusinessWeek it is reported that the Sony will introduce their next flagship smartphone model at the next IFA. It is expected that the new smartphone might be released with genuine features such as – new imaging technology for cameras + ultra TVs.

New Camera Technology

Usually Xperia devices are powered by Exmor RS camera which helps in analog-digital signal transformation and increased noise reduction. But it is strongly believed that Sony might bring a new camera technology to its upcoming smartphones.

New Firmware’s

Sony plans seriously on bringing out their next smartphones with the latest released android version before any others does and there is all chance that the upcoming smartphones from Sony might be Android kit Kat powered

Blackberry 9720 vs Lenovo S890 Specs Comparison.

Blackberry 9720 vs Lenovo S890 display performance power battery comparison

Blackberry has announced the release of Blackberry 9720 which runs on Blackberry 7 OS which is an old firmware. When other multinational companies try to create and market their OS and update them regularly Blackberry tries to conquer the Indian market with their old stubborn OS even when their latest Smartphones running in Blackberry 10 OS such as Z10 and Q10 are still out there in the market. This might be to give their flagship models more popularity and genuinity by not destroying the brand quality of their latest OS. Blackberry have announced the device in the Indian market at a price of Rs. 15,999.Is it worthy to have a smartphone price tag that comes with an old firmware? Or, are there any other smartphone that gives better value of money in the market? Yes, there is a real opponent for Blackberry 9720. The device is Lenovo IdeaPhone S890 at Rs. 14899. In the next section we will compare the specs and features of these two smartphones...


S890 has a 5-inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen while 9720 is still gets stuck in old method of combining Quarty keypad as well as a small 2.8-inch touch screen. Blackberry still thinks customers are Interested in using both touch and Quarty together.


Blackberry 9720 is powered by 806 MHZ Tavor MG1 processor and  512 MB RAM. This is very meager compared to the performance of Lenovo IdeaPhone S890 which is powered by 1.2 GHz Cortex A9 dual core processor and 1GB RAM. The Lenovo is the best phone that suits you if you wish your device must be a powerful one in terms of speed.


Again in the camera segment Lenovo beats the Blackberry. Blackberry 9720 has a 5 megapixel EDOF secondary camera with 4X Digital zoom. Lenovo beats it with an 8-megapixel secondary camera with Auto focus and LED features. It also includes a VGA primary camera for video calling.


Blackberry 9720 is very much behind in specs compared to the Lenovo S890. Lenovo gives you more value of money than 9720. But still Lenovo has long way to run and they are at the beginning in this rival arena compared to Blackberry. Blackberry has more experiences in dealing with marketing and Blackberry OS is always pretty. Lenovo is the best device that suits you best is you are very fond of performance and 9720 might suits you best if you are searching for a branded device or if you would like to have your phone as utility device.        

Samsung to launch their next smartphone in 64-bit architecture to beat the mighty iPhone.

Samsung Logo white in blue
Earlier this month Samsung had announced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. Now the Smartphone king, assure that the next smartphone in S series will have a 64-bit processor. This decision might be to overcome the popularity that the iPhone 5S gain in the market, which too comes with a 64-bit A7 CPU. Samsung with this decision, once again proved that they are the real Giants of Smartphone market.

Samsung has not only revealed that the 64-bit architecture CPU will come within a short time but also assured that the next Smartphone will be powered by a 64-bit architecture processor and that the coming Smartphones from the Samsung house will have ARMv8 64-bit architecture.

Apple tries every step to regains its popularity and brand name and Samsung put forward every method to overcome Apples growth. Earlier Samsung faced many patenting issues regarding the styles and features of iPhone.  This decision by Samsung tells that they do every sort of tricks to keep up their dominance and do not require any kind of opponents for them in smartphone market.

Apart from all these, Samsung has really planned their future as well. With a collaboration of Samsung with Intel, Samsung have planned to power their future devices that are powered with Tizen OS. This step was undertaken by Samsung as a pre-caution since there are chances that Android OS can lose away its popularity or even if Google let them down in any way. Samsung also plans to be independent with both their hardware and software resources. It is expected that Tizen OS will be released beat the end of this year.

Asphalt 8: Airborne is officially released by Gameloft.

Asphalt 8: Airborne car crash on racing
The latest racing game in Asphalt series is officially released by Gameloft. Asphalt series has the largest number of fans worldwide. The developers had named it as “Asphalt 8: Airborne”. The game is now available for a cheap price tag of RS 55/-. The Game was already available in iPhone, iPad and android devices earlier.
Asphalt 8: Airborne is still only a matured version of earlier versions.  It does not provide any additional features, for the Game lovers.  But the game includes new tracks, improved graphics and different geographies. The developers had added 8 seasons and 180 events in “Career mode” and more than 80% of the newly added cars are genuine from others.  

Micromax Canvas EAGO A113 is officially released !

Micromax Canvas EAGO A113 front and back
After the launch of Canvas A74, Micromax had launched their next Smartphone in the market for RS 13,000. The device is termed as Canvas EAGO A113. It features a 4.7 inch screen size and an 8 Megapixel camera. The device is powered by a 1.2 GHz Quad core processor and a 1 GB RAM. Canvas EAGO A113 runs on Android JELLY BEAN and supports dual Sim Card facility.
  • 1.2 GHz Quad core processor
  • 1 1 GB Memory
  • 4 GB internal storage 
  • 8 Megapixel Autofocus camera
  • 4.7 inch capacitive touch screen
  • 3 G, Wi-FI, Bluetooth, A-GPS, FM Radio
  • Android 4.1.2 JELLY BEAN
  • Dual Sim
  • 2000 mAh Battery.  

iPhone 5S features, Style and hardware specs rumoured.

The iPhone 5S is going to be Apple's next premium flagship smartphone model. Apple is planning something which has never seen before - Apple will be launching two models of the iPhone at once. Apple is going to launch a mid-range version of its smartphone, which is to be called the iPhone 5C and at the same time Apple will announce the iPhone 5S.   
iPhone 5S appearence of different windows in iOS

Let’s focus on the iPhone 5S and the rumours, regardless the specs and details of mid-Range iPhone 5C.

Release Date:

It is reported that the launch of iPhone  will take place on 10 September. It really a good news for iPhone lovers . iPhone 5 was launched the same time last year it is generally a good time for Apple. It is expected that there will be a launch of two iPhone models at the event going to take place. There are reports that says updated version of  iPad and iPad mini models will not be announced this time.

More Color Options:

Earlier report from Japanese blog, reported the rumoured that Apple will offer a new color variant for the iPhone 5S. Other than the traditional options of black and white,  iPhone 5S also comes with in the bling option of champagne gold color.
iPhone 5S color variants in read, white and gold

128 GB Storage:

Apple began offering 128 GB iPad version and so is expected that it will offer 128 GB iPhone 5C version too. Presently the storage is limited to 64GB, iPhone users who use their smartphone to store many contents will surely find this a grate feature. iPhone 5S will be powered with a new A7 chip which is  based on ARM's 64-bit ARMv8 architecture. It will make the device more "efficient" and “powerful”.

Stylish Home button:

It is predicted that plastic home button on current iPhone devices, the iPhone 5S will get a home button which is made of sapphire which will protrude slightly than the other.One of the other feature is the build in finger-print scanner integrated into the home button. This is a rumour which was released  before the launch of the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5S might feature a convex shaped home button allowing the integration of the finger-print scanner beneath, since the space under the button already occupies the Lightning connector, speaker and microphone within.

Camera with Larger F2.0 aperture:

It is predicted that Apple will improve the camera on the iPhone 5S. The use of a larger F2.0 aperture lens is another improvement, which improve the photo quality at low light area this was the area Apple had fallen behind the smartphone rivals like Htc and Nokia. It is reported that the iPhone 5S might have a 12 or 13 Megapixel camera with a dual flash hardware.

iOS 7-Gold Master powered:

iPhone 5S is powered by iOS 7. iOS 7 is widely known as Gold Master. Apple has already distributed iOS 7 beta for developers so it is rumoured that iPhone 5S might come with iOS 7.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2-Samsung rolled out latest Android Jelly bean 4.1.2 I8160XXMF2 firmware

latest Android Jelly bean upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Samsung has released a new Android Jelly Bean software upgrade for Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 devices. The firmware is named as I8160XXMF2. This update is released for countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. But it can be still installed on any Galaxy Ace 2 model which is factory unlocked.
You can update via OTA and through Samsung KIES. Those who have not received the updates or who are residing in other countries can install the same firmware, with the help of our guide

I8160XXMF2 Firmware Details:



Version: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Built date: Jun 14, 2013


·         1.Download Galaxy Ace 2 USB drivers and install it on your computer
·         I8160XXMF2 OTA firmware is only compatible with  Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 model.
·         2.Backup data’s and settings on your phone.
·         3.Your phone must be factory unlocked.
·         4.Make sure the phone have enough power left on it. Your device must indicate good battery percentage.
·         5.Enable USB Debugging mode on the device (go to Settings >Applications>Development)
·         6.ODIN works in Windows only. Other users should use other utilities to run ODIN tool on the computer.
dHow to Install Official Android 4.1.2 I8160XXMF2 Jelly Bean Firmware on Galaxy Ace 2-Step-by-step instruction:

Step 1Download Android 4.1.2 I8160XXMF2 firmware for Galaxy Ace 2 and Odin v3.07 tool on your computer.
Step 2: Extract zip file to the desktop.
Step 3: Now extract Odin zip file and run odin.exe.
Step 4Switch off the device and then boot the device in Download Mode by holding Volume DownHome and Power buttons at the same time.
Step 5: Run Odin.exe that you extracted earlier and is recommended to run as Administrator for smooth processes.
Step 6: Connect the device to computer via USB cable, when the phone is in Download mode. When the device gets connected a message- "Added!" appears in ODIN and the ID: COM box will have a color change..
Step 7: Tick PDA checkbox and select the '.tar.md5' file from the extracted I8160XXMF2 folder.
Step 8: Select Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options in Odin. Make sure the Re-Partition checkbox must be only selected if a .pit file was chosen earlier from the extracted I8160XXMF2 folder.
Step 9: After the firmware installation process is completed the phone will reboot automatically and soon Odin displays a PASS message.

Congratulations your Galaxy Ace 2 is now running on the latest Android 4.1.2 I8160XXMF2 Jelly Bean Firmware.


If the phone get stuck at the boot animation then go to recovery mode and perform Wipe data/Factory Reset and  Wipe Cache Partition and then reboot system now option.

Windows 8 based custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy S Advance

Windows 8 based custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Thanks to Xda-developers for another wonderful Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S Advance. The stylish design of windows 8 is very cool and catchy. Now you can arrange your apps in grids that you can only see in windows 8 powered devices. This is a good opportunity for all Samsung Galaxy S Advance users to enhance your Smartphone with power of windows.This ROM also includes the smart grid facility. You can set the grid space for every app separately and you can set it according to your priority. Even you can change the color of separate grids.

The ROM also supports many other features of the windows phone and the ROM gives you all the advantages of windows operating system.


  • ·           You must have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S Advance in order to flash this ROM.
  • ·           Make sure "USB debugging" is on.Make sure about this option because it might brick your phone (see development option) 

Files to Download:

Windows 8 Based Custom ROM -  DOWNLOAD

App Package 1- DOWNLOAD
App Package 1- DOWNLOAD

Flashing instruction:

      1. Download Windows Custom ROM and the App packages (two) and transfer it to the external SD card.

2. Reboot the phone into ClockworkMod recovery .For tutorials on how to boot into ClockworkMod recovery CLICK HERE .

3. Select “wipe data/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”. Then Wipe “Dalvik cache”.(You will find this option in “advanced” option.)

4. Select “install zip from SD card” and install the Windows Custom
ROM file. When the flashing process is completed, select “install zip from SD card” and install the App packages.(Two files separately)

5.Reboot your device.   

Android 4.3 jelly bean's new features targets the Tech-Freaks

Android 4.3 jelly bean logo
Android revealed the details of their new 4.3 Jelly bean firmware earlier this month. Google has again decided to keep up its present brand name “jelly bean” for their new firmware. This is the third firmware from Google with the same brand name. There are even rumors that Google is trying to acquire the record of the largest selling firmware for its jelly bean brand. Anyway the new firmware is packed up with new cool features that can freak out the android Techies. 

Features of the new Android Jelly Bean 4.3 firmware:

Profile Restricting Feature

Now the user can set the required profile for different groups of the people, restricting apps, app contents, app usage etc. For example parents can set a different profile for children that restricts them opening a specific app or to explore the contents of a specific App. This ensures the safety that the parents should give their children. This feature can be useful in many situations like a company, school campus etc. 

Multiple Users for the device

Android 4.3 Jelly bean makes tablet less different from a personal Computer (PC) by including multiple user logging facilities. There can be one or more user for the device and can have their own Home screen, wallpaper or background, widgets and apps. It also features the capability to switch between any user accounts by a single snap. Android now makes the devices a premium feel of a PC. The new firmware also speeds up these processes even on any low spec tablets around. Till now Android is the only OS that features these out-smarting features in the international market.

Virus protection with Build-in-security

Android 4.3 jelly bean features a build in Anti-virus program that eliminates the virus that comes when downloading apps by scanning the App details to that of the information of the App in the Google database. Every App has separate sandbox, so that a single app cannot breach any security policy of Android.

Wireless Display Feature

Android let you to watch your favorite videos on any big screen like TV. The only requirement is that you will require a TV with Miracast support.

Advanced Notification Bar

Android 4.3 jelly bean expandable notification
The new firmware allows you to expand the received notification and shows off most of all the required options that you will need with respect to the notification. User may not need to get off from the notification and then select the required app.

More smoothness

With buttery graphics and silky transactions, Android now aims to give a smooth fluid feel to the Android devices making it smooth to move from the home-screen to the App window. Google has tested all these in the most microscopic level to ensure better Android experience to all Android users. The new firmware provides more reactive as well as uniform touch responses and boost up CPU and GPU performance.

Data Sharing was never so simple

Android 4.3 jelly bean data sharing with NFC android beam
Android Now features Android Beam facility that makes sharing of data’s like photos, YouTube videos, Games, Apps, contacts, maps and directions with just a single tap. Now you can beam whatever you are seeing on your device to your friend’s device by placing your device close together back to back and by tapping on your screen with NFC. Android now let the user to share their data to any one they wish according to the distance between them. There were never any such technologies that made the process of data sharing this simple.

Google NOW works like magic

Google now shares data like images of the near-by areas or visiting spots and entertain you all the time of your life. Android 4.3 will let you down with the latest news games and updates in the market. Google NOW works like magic by breaking the limitations that are applicable to iOS devices. The latest Google search feature provides accurate answers to the user’s questions. It now supports variety of languages and can talk back to you.

Even Keyboards got smarter

Android 4.3 jelly bean keyboard gesture prediction
With Gesture typing you can type your messages or text in no time. You only need to simply slide over the letters that makes the word in order and leave the hand after every word and a space will be automatically added. Android can predict the words in no time. It also predicts the next words and saves lot of your time and energy. Android 4.3 comes with more accurate dictionaries. Android has improves its firmware with improved text to speech and speech to text ability. Android now generates accurate outputs that are given by the users via speech.  

4 Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S Advance smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S Advance as a premium mid-range smartphone
Main reason to consider Samsung Galaxy S Advance as the best smartphone is its good value of money. Samsung galaxy s advance is the successor of Galaxy s and one of the best mid-range smartphone from the most famous mobile brand Samsung. Galaxy S advance looks similar to Galaxy S2 in style but the specs of Galaxy s advance is less than S2. Recently this device had moved to the first place in the list of the largest selling midrange smartphones in the world.

1.Specs with Price feature

Samsung Galaxy S Advance is the only smartphone that gives you the complete value of money you spend. There are no smartphone with more specs than Samsung Galaxy S Advance available at the same price tag. S advance perform extremely well compared to other smartphone in it range. Tis device will be the best choice for you is you are looking for a smartphone with good specs at medium price range.

2.Specs of the Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S Advance features a 1 GHz processor and 750 MB RAM. I am pretty sure that you will not find any other smartphone with the same specs for 11,000 bucks. In Au Tutu benchmark test S advance was able to score more than 7000 points while its competitors are below 7000.NoveThor chipset performs well in all condition.

3.Firmware for the device

Samsung Galaxy S Advance can be upgraded to Android 4.1.2 jelly bean firmware which is assured by the Samsung. There are no lags in S Advance in working on latest jelly bean firmware XXLQG released by Samsung. The device performs great on the jelly bean firmware. There are even more than a dozen of good quality Custom ROMs released by the xda developers for Galaxy S Advance. Even the Samsung had announced that there will be no more upgrades for the device there are rumors that the device will be able to explore another firmware from Android.

4.Style features

Samsung Galaxy S Advance looks similar to S2. It has a bold structure unlike candy shape in S Duos or Grant. The screen of the S Advance is little curved. S advance has a super amole display with crisp display clarity. S advance has a 5 megapixel primary camera and 1.3 megapixel secondary camera and comes with a 1500 Mash L-ion battery

How to flash CM 10 Android 4.1.2 jelly bean based HellyBean Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S advance

Xda-Developers has released a new CM 10 based custom ROM called HellyBean for Samsung Galaxy S advance.This too an opportunity for all those has not yet received a jelly bean update on their device.

Features of the custom ROM :

  • High end gfx effects
  • Customized navigation bar
  • Customized status bar
  • Transparent lock screen
  • Task manger option in recent apps list
  • Search contacts by nickname


  • You must have a rooted device in order to flash this Custom ROM.
  • Make sure "USB debugging" is on

Flash Instruction :

Step 1 : Download HellyBean and transfer it to the external SD storage.

Step 2 : Reboot the phone into ClockworkMod recovery . For tutorials on how to boot into ClockworkMod recovery  CLICK HERE .

Step 3 :  Select “wipe data/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”. After that Wipe “Dalvik cache” .You will find this option in “advanced” option.

Step 4 : After the wiping process completes select “install zip from SD card” and navigate and locate the 
HellyBean file. When the flashing completes again select “install zip from SD card” and choose the Google package file.

Step 5 : Reboot your device.